How to care for your Dark Laydee pieces:

  1. STORE leather fringe earrings hanging or laying flat so they don’t get crinkled BUT if they do, simply hang them for a day or two and they will uncrinkle themselves.

  2. STORE other pieces safely when not in use ie. in a box or jewellery bag - hanging them is okay but they will oxidize more quickly & need to be polished.

  3. POLISH pieces gently with a jewellery cloth or soft cloth that won’t scratch the metal if they start to oxidize, tarnish, or get dull. AVOID contact with the leather when polishing - the tarnish may smudge onto it.

  4. AVOID contact with moisture ie. Water, creams, perfumes, oils etc especially the leather fringe pieces.

  5. PLEASE DO NOT sleep, shower, sweat (work out in) or swim in these pieces!

If you follow the above your pieces will be happy for a long time!